Remember that time Stevie Nicks wrote a song about Bertha and Rochester?

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Inside the restored Bronte Museum at Haworth

I have to mention Charlotte Bronte, whose “Jane Eyre” was given to me to read, again as a punishment, at age 11.

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Hey if you want 19th Century classic ships filled with angst check out Jane Eyre

Classic ships!!

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Today, I once again have to sing a song that has been the bane of my college career and it has now followed me into my adult performing life. If any of you know “Painting Her Portrait” from Jane Eyre the musical, this is the song. The acting is an incredible challenge for this song. One that I…

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I just found two stories on that are Jane Eyre/Harry Potter crossovers. 

I’m done. Just so done right now. lol

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